We take care of your requirements, because we take them seriously and are 100% committed to our high standards of service.

Service expertise

SCIOLI Security Human Capital assumes full responsibility and solely fulfills this obligation. In the knowledge that human capital has become a strategic competitive factor for companies, we do our utmost to give you an advantage. Our specialty is bringing together exceptional business with exceptional people! People working in different areas require very special abilities. Our experience not only gives us this unique understanding, but allows us to implement it effectively for our clients.

We see ourselves as a link between workers and companies. We place our clients in the center of our every effort. We show our service competence in our every action and goal-oriented drive. Our results speak for themselves!


Our services for companies are of the highest quality, professional and constantly set new standards. You benefit from our excellence in consulting and analysis.

A sustainable competitive advantage is only achieved through quality of service and your work force. SCIOLI Security Human Capital supports you in order to not only gain this advantage over your competition, but also to achieve a positive reputation.
We offer you our experience and knowledge so that you are able to reduce risks and costs.

Success model

Your success is the result of a multiplication. Our services in consulting combined with regular analysis multiply the factors of your business success. All deciding aspects for sustainable growth.

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